With a satisfying weight and the warmth of solid oak, the Wooden Egg is perfect for little hands to grasp as their coordination develops. The natural smooth surface is ideal for small mouths during teething.

“I made this egg and gave it to my daughter, aged 4 months, just as she was learning to use her hands and mouth. She loved it and continues to play with the egg as she grows with a renewed interest each time.” designer Burgundy Applegate

Handmade in the UK from sustainably sourced solid oak, the Wooden Egg is free of any chemicals or finishes. A natural smooth patina will build up over time. All the packaging is recyclable.

Materials: Solid Oak

Dimensions: Width 48mm x Length 71cm

Availability: in stock

Price: £16

The Wooden Egg is available in store from Olive Loves Alfie, 84 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0AP.

Wooden Egg